Being free comes with the responsibility of taking decisions- all the time. Starting with what to eat, whom to meet, into what to invest your money. If every time you choose something, you start hesitating, consulting people and looking for others opinions- that takes your time and energy and eventually you might not take the next step.

Imagine you could just trust your inner guiding system that gently puts you on your unique successful course.

It is possible- I have made the shift to clarity myself over the last years. I was all over the place, asking for advice more than I would focus on my inner knowing. It just felt safer to trust someone else's point of view. And I was conditioned to priorities the truth of other's over mine. So were you probably?

With the birth of my daughter Aya I realised that I have to take full responsibility of our life. Now I can say that I trust my inner voice and life became more peaceful and easy. And if there is an inner disturbance I can still ask for advice, but for a specific request.

This course is outlined to be a shortcut of my years of trial and error to come to clarity with your inner guiding system.

This course is for you if you like to be independent and create a life that is aligned to your values.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You can begin right away. The course duration is 21 days- but you can always revisit every lesson.
Do I learn alone?
Accountability is crucial for inner development work. That is why you will be matched with an other student in the beginning of the course with who you will exchange via chat on your progress, obstacles and so on. This is optional.
What are the benefits from taking this course?
This course focuses on your inner voice- so you will have more confidence. You hear through the noice and trust your decisions. This safes you lots of time and stress.

Your Instructor

Clara Hahn
Clara Hahn

Designing my own life was important for me from young age. The first day of school was when I started to realise that there are certain limitations set by our society. I wanted to be free from the beginning and so I began to walk my own way. It took many conscious decisions to design a life in which I can say: I AM HOME- this is me. I own this and take responsibility for my outside reality.

I have learned from many teachers around the world, people who walk their talk: Artists as dancers, musicians, spiritual leaders.

My biggest vessel of learning though was this unstoppable inner question, desiring truth. This inner guidance is like an instrument, letting me know where to go. And this awareness is my passion, my gift to offer to you.

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"Since I listen to my inner voice, I begin to see that life helps me"

- Elisa Franck, Paris, Video Artist

"After 3 sessions with Clara I reached the level I tried to get to the last 3 years. To work with her is like travelling by a silver hi-speed jet: fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight."

Victoria, Berlin, Designer Tineola

Praise by one of my favourite music makers Steffen Ki

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